I've logged in with my google profile, but I did have an existing profile which I deleted. Now I want to get the same username handle again, system says it is taken which I understand completely as pervious posts I made would still be linked.

Please help me get my old handle back.

Thank you

I'm not actually sure that this is possible, or at least possible without a lot of hassle for Dani.

That's why when you delete a profile the system warns you that it is permanent and cannot be undone...

I deleted the other profile I had so I only have one profile, however now I may not change my handle to the one I use in my opensource projects which is andrevanzuydam ??? Surely if I deleted the other account I can get the handle for my current one.

We don't allow that because we don't want copycat accounts being confused for previously deleted members.

Why not just use the username andre.vanzuydam or something like that?

My open source name that I am building is andrevanzuydam, how could I get this changed - ie my old account activated / renamed to something as you suggest and this account becomes andrevanzuydam ? I know it is a tall order, update tbl etc ..... :)

You are good to go :) Be sure to log in with your new username from now on.

I try to accomidate when I can. This was a pain in the neck to do, and was definitely a one time only thing, but I looked into it, and it was doable, so I gave it a shot.