Just wanted to make note to the moderators/sysops, that for myself anyhow, I find that the forums are not sorting properly. Messages are not being displayed from newest (replies or otherwise) to oldest when I enter a forum. The display is random, with newer messages or replies being about middle ground.

Just thought I would make that note....


In almost all the forums, posts are sorted by the date of their last reply. (Therefore, replying to, or "bumping" a topic, brings it to the top of the listing). This excludes Announcement and Sticky topics, which always appear first regardless of their time.

Posts in the Tutorials and Reviews forums, however, are sorted alphabetically. This makes it easier to find the topic you're looking for. Once again, Announcement and Sticky topics are listed first.

Err,...what about the posts in the "word association game" by the way?
Do we have to go to the last page everytime to view the latest post?

Clicking the lil arrow w/ page icon will always take you to the last post of a thread. On the homepage, where the "word associate game" is displayed under Active Posts, this icon is the bullet for each thread. In the forum view, it's displayed with the last poster. (It's always there ;) )

In addition, every thread has a drop down menu to choose whether you want to sort it with newest or oldest first. (Look at the bottom of the table containing the posts).