It's neccessary to manually refresh every page after navigating to it. This is OK, but I keep thinking old pages are current (i.e. if I navigate into a forum that I visit frequently, it might still be a listing from a few hours ago, thus I wont see any changes, unless I remember to refresh).

This wasn't always the case, pages used to come fresh on every request, except 'back' button which is a browser thing..

To Dani of Daniweb; I'm guessing from your post in HTML/CSS/JS, that you're refining the cache rules for pages.. Have you decided on the 'fresh' time for pages that show things that change frequently? Maybe expiring them every 30 mins or less would be good... Otherwise, I can't give any suggestions; cache rules are a bit of a beast for forums especially...

It's not a real concern, I can learn to live with it, but is this going to be a permanent thing?

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You're right in that I made a recent change to the page cache rules, after, in trying to debug the slow ads problem, that it takes a long time to render pages with so many CSS elements and graphics that keep needing to be redownloaded.

With that, expect a solution within the next few days. Am working on cleaning up the HTML code from the ground up, which is the first step to solving this entire thing.

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