I just noticed the change in the layout of the forum view. I just wanted to put in my two cents...

Overall, I liked the way that the forum looked before. I didn't pay enough attention to it, but it felt like the thread view was more organized by having divisions in between the thread topic, the icons, and the other information. Maybe I'll just have to get used to it or something, but now I find it hard to tell what's going on, for some reason, as each thread doesn't feel distinct from the other.

I'm not knocking you or anything, just giving my opinion on things :)

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Basically what I changed was make the alternating colors go horizontally instead of vertically. My reason for doing this was primarily for ease of reading - all the information about each thread is now separated from the next thread. I'd like to hear some other opinions please.


Oh... I see what you did now... I knew something was different-- I just couldn't tell exactly what!

It doesn't bug me or anything, I just wanted to comment on it, for the sake of feedback. :)



My reason for doing this was primarily for ease of reading - all the information about each thread is now separated from the next thread.

Yea, I agree that it helped ease my reading...although unnoticed. LOL.
Great effort. :)


Thanks red_evolve :) something else I changed was to add the title of the forum you're currently viewing in large font in the navbar. Hopefully this will reduce people posting in the wrong forum, and perhaps make site navigation a tad easier.


Not to sound un-appreciative or anything but, I didn't notice it, nor do I mind. It's fine, whenever you tweak it it's fine. You've done great so far but there are always going to be improvements to make so... People just get used to it then you change it... who cares?

Anyways, I wrote this when half-dead



It could just be I'm a stick in the mud, Dani... You should see how irritated I get when people move stuff around on my desk! ;)


I noticed the newly added feature.
Not sure whether it's new or what, or maybe I haven't been noticing it.
LOL. Anyway, it's the DHTML style effect for menus on the top right of each thread.
The [Thread Tools], [Search This Thread] and [Display Mode] thingey.
Nice work there. Btw, I remembered you once said that this kinda menu won't work in Mozilla? Correct me if I'm wrong. However, just wanna inform you that it looks fine on my Mozilla. No problemo.


Hey there. Yes, red_evolve, those DHTML menus have actually always been there (maybe I should make them a bit more noticable) ... and it's also those that I've been having problems with - with somewhat older versions of Mozilla in Linux.

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