Xbox Live is a breeding ground for hateful, inflammatory remarks of all genders, races, creeds, and sexualities, where aimless insecurities are flung around like rocks at street signs. Who would have thought that it would be Microsoft doing the discriminating for once?

A 26-year-old gamer from Fort Gay, West Virginia was banned momentarily from his monthly membership when Microsoft enforcement officials deemed his profile inappropriate. His crime? Listing himself as a proud resident of "fort gay WV."

"At first I thought, 'Wow, somebody's thinking I live in the gayest town in West Virginia or something.' I was mad. ... It makes me feel like they hate gay people," said Josh Moore, an unemployed factory worker.

When Moore contacted Xbox Live to explain how wrongful a decision they had made, the agent seemed impervious and unwavering to the fact that Fort Gay was called home by roughly 800 citizens. Even offering a zip code didn’t deter the iron fist of the voice over the phone, who told him if he chose to reference Fort Gay in his profile again, they would cancel his membership.

The incident gained the attention of Mayor David Thompson, who tried his hand at amending the situation and was met with the same fate, being told that the word “gay” was inappropriate no matter what the context.

"It was so inappropriate for them, they wouldn't even say the word," Thompson told the Associated Press. "They said, 'that word.' It's beyond me. That's the name of our town! It's appalling. It's a slap in our face."

"Someone took the phrase 'fort gay WV' and believed that the individual who had that was trying to offend, or trying to use it in a pejorative manner," said Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live. "Unfortunately, one of my people agreed with that. When it was brought to my attention, we did revoke the suspension."

Xbox Live agents are not given the context of the phrase or what games the player frequents. Agents are only able to see the language which has been reported, reaching a determination when it’s compared to their Code of Conduct policies. As egregious an error as this was, given the number of complaints filed against the incessant hordes of mongoloids on Xbox Live, one can’t help but sympathize with how easy it must be for something with legitimacy to fly completely under the radar.

"Absolutely, a mistake was made here, and we've updated our training to account for that. In this very, very specific case, a mistake was made and we're going to make it right."

Mayor Thompson is still waiting on his apology.

"I'm furious about it. That's our town. That's our heritage. I've lived there my whole life and I'm proud to be from here," said Thompson. "Just to say 'I'm sorry' to me is not good enough. They offended a lot of people in our town."

Residents of Climax, Michigan, Gayville, South Dakota, and Knob Lick, Kentucky be forewarned—your Xbox Live account might be next up on the chopping block.

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MosaicFuneral 812

number of complaints filed against the incessant hordes of mongoloids on Xbox Live

That statement is unintentionally[?] more offensive than a bunch of 'gay'-slinging prepubescents, since it says you're either racist or have it in for individuals with Down's Syndrome. ;)

Glass_Joe 68

I interpret it as meaning mentally incompetent people who fail to formulate sentences past a 4th grade level and lace them with homophobic, racist remarks as substance instead.

It's no longer a word used to technically describe Down syndrome, more so as it is used to describe imbeciles and morons, which means it's perfect for 99.9% of Xbox Live users. ;)

Ancient Dragon 5,243

Oh so now you insult 99.9% of today's young people :) I see you are becoming very popular here at DaniWeb where most members are below the age of 25.

Glass_Joe 68

Are you trying to be funny?

Ancient Dragon 5,243

No, are you?

Glass_Joe 68

Then pray tell good sir, what was its purpose outside of being sarcastic?

Ancient Dragon 5,243

I was only responding to this statement

It's no longer a word used to technically describe Down syndrome, more so as it is used to describe imbeciles and morons, which means it's perfect for 99.9% of Xbox Live users

With the above statement you called everyone who plays an Xbox (probably most people under age of 25) an imbecile and a moron.

Glass_Joe 68

First and foremost, we are talking about Xbox Live, not everyone who plays on an Xbox. Your insinuation is completely inaccurate.

Secondly, if I had called everyone an imbecile and a moron, the number would be 100%. If you have ever used the service (which judging from all of this sounds like you haven't) to hear the unadulterated bigotry riddled through every match you play or kids shouting, screaming, and singing into their mics, you would understand why I left it at a slim .1%. My statement was steeped heavily in sarcasm and was appreciated I'm sure by avid Xbox Live users, which you can see referenced from the rep of the posting.

Lastly, Xbox Live is not comprised of just "young people." In fact, the most successful demographic for video games is 18-34 at 45%. People aged 35+ also comprise 11% of the userbase. Video games transcend age limits, and assuming that their usage is bound by the stereotypes of ageism is ridiculously uneducated when video game media accounts for 5% of household entertainment spending, outpacing print subscriptions, premium TV, home video and music.

Just my two cents.

Ancient Dragon 5,243

You are correct, I have never used Xbox Live. And from what you just posted I don't really want to :) I now understand why you called them idots -- maybe you were right afterall.

Glass_Joe commented: I like you +0