Wan t to share this with you :)

A brief history of windows:
WINDOWS 3.1 - A 3 year old
WINDOWS 95 - A 6 year old know it all, stamping its feet on the ground
WINDOWS 98 - Just graduated elementary school
WINDOWS ME - Tried pot for the first time
WINDOWS 2000 - Said no to the pot
WINDOWS XP - Made it to high school, and is willing to learn
WINDOWS VISTA - XP on Meth-Amphetamine
WINDOWS 7 - (Hopefully a high school grad)

Hard to believe that the history of Windows is that complex.

What about Windows 1 and 2?

WfW was actually a parallel version of 3.1 and 3.11.

Win 7 will probably end up with a GED.

I will wait till Win7.1 comes out.