I'm curious if anyone here likes Anime. If so, what are your favorite series?

Don't yell at me .... but ...
I lost those files AGAIN .... those 10 episodes (of that show where people's facial expressions wouldn't change for like 10 minutes despite overly exaggerated soap opera style plots) you kept sending me like 5000000 times)

Haha. Yeah, those were the "Marmalade Boy" episodes. Really good series. Nice love story... but I don't know if you like that or not... most girls prefer that stuff. Still my favorite series of all time has got to be "Initial D." It's a racing series. The CG racing scenes are just outstanding. The music also adds more excitement. What I like also is that use real brand cars, not fictitious.

Here's some info:

Here's a trailer of it:

And I just saw the trailer. If you're REALLY going to get into this series, I recommend you watching the original Japanese subtitled version. What I hate is when they "Americanize" it - which means "chopping off it's balls." (They've done it in the past, with popular series such as Speed Racer, Dragon Ball Z - they were more serious series, but because America toned it down, it made it seem for kiddies.) The original series is uncut of course, but their voices are better, and the music is better. I have all the original episodes, if you'd like to watch them, let me know.

:D didnt realize Speed Racer was anime, but now that u mention it - yeah! used to love watchin that show! :D

Yeah it was good. I still prefer original Japanese anime through, undubbed. When I was little I used to watch Thundercats, Voltron, Noozles, Adventures of the Little Koala, Grim's Fairy Tales - all good series. Sucks that there's very few Anime fans out there. :cry:

cowboy bebop and the vampire hunter D's kik ace!!!

oooooooooh Grimm's Fairy Tales! Those used to be on Nick Jr. when Nick Jr. first debuted on Nickelodeon !! hehe I used to watch those nonstop when I was lil - I think I saw all of them 10X

Great I got the theme song stuck in my head. http://members.fortunecity.com/toontracker/grimm.html


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Though I don't consider thunder cats anime, they ruled in the day.

Most of the junk they try passing off these days is not really that good. Pincess Moninokie (wrong spelling) was great.

I picked up the taste for it when I was studing in Corea. And yes it is spelled with a 'C' not a 'K'. The japanese changed the original spelling durning the occupation during the '50s.

Yeah I consider Thundercats more American Anime, if there's even a classification for it. I agree with you however, that a lot of what's coming out is crap, probably because they think that it's a cartoon, and think it should be made for children, thus short plots with a simple story, with some goofy slaptic and corny phrases... what a mess.

I like Anime because it's the complete opposite of American cartoons. The stories are actually better; they're more involved. One thing I love is character development. A character learns throughout the entire series and looks back on what he's learned. Also, many deal with real life issues. Not everything is about little monsters that shoot out fire. That's just the story. There are also no restrictions. Just because its like a cartoon (I even hate relating that word to Anime) it doesn't have to be PG. It does whatever it needs to do to get it's point across, whether is showing blood or scenes that portray sex, just like a R rated movie. I have to add that most of best movies I've seen have NOT been rated G or PG13. The art is another thing all together.

Most of the time, the artwork is a lot better. I think many of you can agree on that. The music is also better I think. Most series have their own soundtrack with usually more than one soundtrack (Initial D has over 8 soundtrack CDs I think).

Just my thoughts on Anime. The current Anime I'm watching now is Chobits and Hajime No Ippo. I think my favorite Anime though, the one I've enjoyed the most has been Initial D still. ;)

I'm curious if anyone here likes Anime. If so, what are your favorite series?

I think Anime is pointless.. Are we talking about the porn, or like that dragon ball Z show ?

cowboy bebop....seriously..the best series. spirited away is really good if we're just talking movies. and as for classics...akira.

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I loved the Japanese version of Transformers when I was a kid. :)

I think Anime is pointless.. Are we talking about the porn, or like that dragon ball Z show ?

I'm a big follower of anime. Why don't you like it? I read your profile. It sounds like you're a Linux follower. Let me change some of the words on your post so you can see how your comment sounds to me. I'll replace "anime" with Linux related stuff.

I think Linux is pointless.. Are we talking about the Turbo Linux, or like that Red Hat operating system ?

Anime & Linux - both have quite a bit of followers. Both have different classes. Anime has genres, Linux has distributions.

Anime Porn (Hentai) & Turbo Linux - both are one of the least popular in their own kingdom in the US.

Red Hat Operating System & Dragon Ball Z - both are probably the most popular in the US, and most likely backed up by more marketing than any other genre/distribution of it's class. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's the best. Also, people that don't know much about Linux/Anime, have at least once in their lifetime heard about Red Hat Linux or Dragon Ball Z. Red Hat Linux can sometimes be considered as a "kiddie" operating system by Linux gurus. Good for beginners. The same thing goes with Dragon Ball Z.

So, if you were to see this comment:

I think Linux is pointless.. Are we talking about the Turbo Linux, or like that Red Hat operating system?

Wouldn't it make you at least think that I knew nothing about Linux? Heck, even if I just said "Linux is pointless" makes me kind of incompetent. Well, it might not seem to you, but it does to me.

So again, I ask. Why do you think Anime is pointless? You think it is, or do you just not know enough about it?

So again, I ask. Why do you think Anime is pointless? You think it is, or do you just not know enough about it?

I think it just is, I do not like many cartoons, I like southpark.. Which some may think is pointless but I think its funny as heck. IMO I just don't like anime, I was never a follower, and there is nothing wrong with people that are followers of anime..

It's ok. You're entitled to your opinion. The same way I think Linux is pointless as a desktop operating system.

It's ok. You're entitled to your opinion. The same way I think Linux is pointless as a desktop operating system.

I'm use to linux, more than windows.

I like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and my personal favorite is Bubblegum Crisis 2040.

Movie wise, Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, and Golgo 13.

Hmm I love anime and collect it. My favorites would have to be... Akira (classic), Armitage (another classic), Vampire Hunter D I and II (saw part two in the theaters which was awesome), Ninja Scroll and a ton others movie wise. Best series I'd have to say DBZ and the guyver series. Theres way to many to name as im a huge fan and everything is a favorite one way or another ;)

yes yes, count me on that poll, i love anime although i dont have enough time to watch much of it.
from classics like arkira right to pokemon, the style and naivety of the art work is just so cool. i think one of my favourites has to be 'blood, the last vampire'

also a big fan of henti but thats another story!


COWBOY bebop.. IS a very cool show, along with Tirgun.. And Lupin from a looong loonmg time ago. :D

Most definatley... whats not to like? Some of my favorites are maybe out of print now...

Gundam (original from the 70's - 80's)

Lupin San (Lupin the 3rd)

Gatchaman (G-Force in the US)

...but there are a few newer series that I enjoy...

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka!

Initial D


Mobile Space Battleship: Nadesico

...in no particular order. I do hope you folks check some of these out, I'm quite sure you'll enjoy!

DBZ is awesome

Let me see...
Cowboy bebop (LOVED the movie over all)
Excel Saga (LMAO!)
Teen Titans (I dunno if that counts...)
Furry Curry (Fooly Cooly- It was only on for a few eposides, but still the coolest)
And many many other that I can not remember at the member

I like DBZ, but I don't really like DB(GT). Well..., DB(GT) is o.k. you know, but is not as good as DBZ.:D
I like Shaman King too.(I don't know if that's an anime)

Yeah, I DBGT was a stinker to me. DBZ rules. Right now the only two Animes I'm following are Naruto and Initial D Forth Stage.

yeah, I was really looking forward to dbgt because everyone told me it was so good. And it was a full on let down, it's just annoying how Goku is a kid and it takes them a month of Sundays to go super saiyan and do some real fighting. ssj4 is cool tho.

FLCL...Fooly Cooly...Furi Kuri--anyone else watched that?

I am not a fan of anime myself.
However, I am an avid fan of this anime called Fruits Basket.
Check out the story line at www.fruits-basket.com
Another one -> Initial D. This one is quite famous, I bet some of you have watched it.
All that I have mentioned are Japanese animes. :cool:

FLCL...Fooly Cooly...Furi Kuri--anyone else watched that?

Yes. It's quite insane. Which is why I have all three volumes......

As you can see, I like anime. I've wasted vast quantities of money buying DVDs and other, pointless, collectibles.

Currently, I'm into:
Full Metal Alchemist
Chrno Crusade
Naruto (drags everything out soooo much - 83 episodes AND COUNTING - but I cannot resist)
Last Exile

Evangelion (so predictable)
ROD the TV
Scrapped Princess
Tenchi Muyo OVA

Still getting used to:
Bakuretsu Tenshi
Kyou Kara Maou

This month's release of anime from our Aussie distributor looks set to further dent my bank account.

P.S. You're a true anime fan if you can guess who my avatar is. ;)