My friend's computer was doing updates and it froze. He left it for 24 hours and it was frozen on a windows update. He finally killed the power and turned the computer back on, and nothing. The power light comes on, but no beeping, no fan, no monitor. I loaned him my kids' comp cos he's unemployed and needs a comp to network, but they need it back, so I'm trying to help him figure out what's wrong. Any suggestions? I didn't tell him to take it to a professional because he has no income and can't. I'm wonding if this is a lost cause and should he just scrap it?

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In a case like this, if the budget is tight you have two options. Have someone that has extra parts to help you troubleshoot, or just scrap it.

In this case, I think that the computer freezing and no longer working was coincidential. While an update can fail and cause the OS to fail, it isnt going to prevent the hardware from booting once you power off the computer and power it back on.

If you have absolutely no power, its either a power issue, or something's wrong on the motherboard. If you can get access to a voltage tester, you could plug the power supply in and test to see if you are getting the correct DC on the internal power plugs that go to the motherboard and other components. If you have someone that has extra parts, you can replace the power supply instead and see if that. Although knowing if the power supply is actually working is important.

If its not the power supply, but a probelm with the motherboard, then you'll need to replace it. You would have to find a similar one so you do not have to swap out the CPU and memory.

It is also possible that a peripheral (any thing plugged into the motherboard) although unlikely, is causing this issue. If something is shorting the board, the computer will not power up.

This type of issue just requires troubleshooting hte various components until you find what it is. But, when you do find it, then what? If the budget is tight will you be able to purchase parts? For old computers, most people just choose to scrap it and get a new one. You just have to see and figure out what makes sense.

test it with a new power supply!

thank you - I will tell him

I had exactly the same thing happen a month ago I changed the power supply thinking it was the problem but it was not, Put a new motherboard in and it works perfectly now.

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