So I was watchin some videos on my laptop and t suddenly just shuts down. without warning like it ran out of power. This laptop is four yrs old and i use it every single day. It is an hp630 and it has windows 10. this happened once i checked on the internet and they said its called "the black screen of death" and to fix it i have to remove the power and the battery, put it back (battery), hold the power button down for 60 secs, then start charging again and turn it on. it worked. but i started watching videos and backing up all my shit in there and it happened again and i used the same method and its working but i dont want it to happen again!
what is the problem? can anyone help me?

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This sounds like your standard crash. Now that you know the generic reset, you move to another area.

Are you keeping up your maintenance? Canned air on the vents every 1st of the month.


Hi Ketaki,

Is there any specific time for system to go shutdown. If not then try to notice if any particular software or application is causing this problem when starting.
Does system heat up and shuts down.
Try this:
Boot your system in BIOS, keep it on for almost 3-4 hours. In case if system shuts down then it indicates that your system has Hardware problem.
And if does not shutdown then you should do a clean install of OS which will resolve this error.



That's not quite right for the Generic Reset.
Shut the laptop down
unplug the brick from laptop and everything connected to USB
remove the battery
press and hold the power button down for 60 seconds
reolace battery and power supply
start the laptop and see how it goes...

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This doesn't sound like a normal crash rather a GPU that has overheated. It is 4 years old so it would likely need some thermal compound and a good clean out.


Ok, so you indicated that the screen issue happens while watching videos - the black screen of death is an OS to hardware issue - because laptops use integrated videos you may not be able to configure that. But most except Netbooks allow access to memory chips. If possible open the case carefully and try reseating or replacing the memory cards. if you currently have 4G, increase to 6 or 8G's. Then before videos, use task manager to monitor CPU and MEM, start video - any change? Don't forget event viewer can also be very helpful to resolve this issue also.


make sure you isn't running windows updating.
Sometimes I had this beacause of updating windows without knowing and after I trying to shutdowsn.


If you were watching a film was laptop on carpet, bedclothes, etc. I have this and it blocks air vents, causing laptop to overheat and stop.

The moral of the story - always put your laptop on a smooth surface so air flows around it.

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