Just wondering since I'm so very new here ... is there room for female (american) geeks? I'm definately one. In fact on top of my regular job I ended up doing a quite lucrative but at the same time incredibally taxing on the relationship job for my man.

Wondering if anyone has ever found themselves in a similar situation?

It just so happens that the founder of this site is female ;)

cscgal = dani = daniweb, it shouldnt be an issue whether you are a girl or not, you are totally welcome here have fun. :)

We are not sexist bastards that dread at the day when women can be as geeky as men! We, in fact, encourage it. More geeky women = more geeky guys with girlfriends :D

MGM out

I know a gal on another site who is absolutely brilliant. Reading her complicated "fixes" for sick computers is absolutely mindboggling. :eek: