Which introduced OOP in their operating systems first? For example, I'm working on an assignment and writing about OOP and I'm going to say something like:

"Microsoft, introduced OOP on their operating system first unlike Apple. This meant that the programming of the software became much cheaper to programme because of re-use and other techniques."

I don't know though. I have read somewhere that Steve jobs did visit a lab in which he was shown OOP and ignored it and was fascinated in GUI but I thought there was other reasons why Microsoft became the leader.

NeXT is OOP (steve jobs worked on this when he got kicked out of apple in the 80s, later was incorporated into Apple OSX)

But so is windows explorer... Thats why Windows95 had so many memory leaks and got a rep for getting slow over time. Each explorer window was a new object, but when you clicked X they werent properley deconstructed and so the memory wasnt reallocated.

I guess, it's a hard to say. Personally, I thought it was wrong to say that the sole reason why Microsoft become so dominant was because of OOP if NexT came before or atleast was working on it before Windows 95. I don't know though, since Apple (or steve jobs) were the first people to release the GUI interface then that surely must have been OOP?

You can have non-OOP GUIs. Nothing to stop you. Also a GUI does not nececerially have to be WIMP.

And apple didnt invent the GUI. XEROX invented it for thier systems in the 1970s (althogh apple did use it in the first consumer OS to see widespread adoption).

mmm thanks (: So what would you say is the main factor in Windows becoming the leader in the market?

Working well with others in the industry. If OEMs didnt ship windows with thier systems, it wouldnt have had the same impact.

The reason Microsoft was more successful than Apple had a lot to do with hardware. Apple used a Motorola CPU for many years and Microsoft wrote their OS for an Intel CPU. Intel simply out-designed and out-manufactured Motorola.

Steven Jobs' NEXT computer was severely hampered by the fact that Motorola could not manufacture sufficient quantities of the RISC CPU that would have been ideal for the NEXT OS.

In those important years there ware also leadership problems, after Jobs got kicked out of Apple, the company was lead by a beverage salesman who knew nothing about computers.

Microsfoft seems to always copy Apple's efforts, but Windows7 puts them a step ahead.

Not sure which computer language pioneered OOP, my guess is Smalltalk (at Xerox), Lisp followed by C++.

The Mac OS X used Objective-C, a C extension based on Smalltalk early on.

Not sure which computer language pioneered OOP, my guess is C++.

I think smalltalk was around before, maybe lisp.

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For OOP, I was led to believe it was Simula, even though it didn't have the full set of OOP imps that we would expect to find today. I checked wikipedia and there it was! OK, OK I know you can't believe everything you read, but it mentioned that Simula was instrumental in the development of Smalltalk.