merry christmas to all! what plan your this x'smas?

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Thanks for wishing, i am going to make cakes for my friends and planning for having a big tree for this christmas. :D

Have a very very happy Christmas and happy New Year to all of you. May this year bring more and more success in your lives.

This is obviously turning into another signature-spam thread.
Here's some news for you all:

Daniweb signatures DO NOT show up in google (or other search-engines). Stop posting your crap, no Daniweb members are interested in your products.

To all out there, all the best and blessings for this season.

Heavy Newton's Day to all, and happy Bogiemas as well.

Nick: If you don't want to see people's signatures, there is an option to hide them in the control panel.

Edit: OK, maybe a bit too harsh considering no one who posted in this thread has more than a 10% post quality score.