I hear rumours that Windows 10 is on the way.
Is this true?
What happened to Windows 9?
Does anybody out here have any ideas?

Yes. It's true. The preview has been out for a while now.

I think a as is trying to put some distance away from Win 8 by skipping 9.

The preview that is out is a "technical" preview. They are a bit away from what the actual end product.

I've been running Windows 10 in a virtual machine since it was released for preview. They say the Start Menu is back but it isn't really. As for the rest of it, in true Microsoft fashion they've managed to fuck up the interface yet again. Remember when they changed the location of everything from Windows XP to Windows 7 because the new organization was really really the way things should be? Well, now there is a new really really (really) better organization. Bite me.

it's just marketing. Like Windows 95 after Windows 3.11.

As to the people complaining about it, just the usual. Some people ALWAYS complain about any change at all, and they're usually extremely vocal about it.
Heck, many of them demand something be changed in certain ways, then complain when their demands are met to the letter...

Imagine that every time you went to work your spouse rearranged all the drawers and cupboards for no particular reason other than he/she felt that today's system of organization is more optimal than yesterday's (at least that was the reason given). It wouldn't be too long before you urged your partner to go into therapy.

I'll say it one more time - I am not opposed to change as long as it is a change for the better. I complained about the changes from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and was roundly criticized as a Luddite. Apparently there were enough of us Luddites out there to make Windows 8 a spectacular failure. Sure, there are people out there who say Windows 8 is great but there were also people who bought Edsels, Pintos and New Coke.

I think Microsoft should have taken a tip from Spinal Tap and called it Windows 11.

yes, and you consider any change to be change for the worse...
Very easy to say "as long as it's change for the better" if you never consider any change for the better...

yes, and you consider any change to be change for the worse

It's also very easy to put words in my mouth and then dis me for those words that I never said. I consider Windows 7 to be a big improvement over Windows XP. The start menu was much more functional for one thing. Aero was pretty cool and for those users who didn't like it, or were concerned about performance or battery life, Microsoft made it easy to disable. Microsoft is still making many changes to Windows 10 based on the feedback from users (like me) who are part of the tech preview. I'm sure that after the disaster that was Windows 8 they will be looking much more closely at the negative feedback than the positive.

Presumably it will be more secure than previous Windows.
Maybe the jump from 8 to 10 will confuse the hackers.

In my experience, every new version of any software comes with a completely new set of bugs (and security holes). That's not a criticism of Microsoft in particular. It just seems to be a characteristic of any complex piece of software. As a maintenance programmer I had to fix bugs. Invariably I would be approached by someone saying "as long as you are in there...". That's when the trouble starts.

God damnit I was just getting used to Windows 8, and now they're going to bake scrambled eggs with it to make yet another new interface and who knows what. I actually kinda like Windows 8.

Transferring files under Windows7 was a lot nicer than under Windows8. If Windows10 adds another "improvement", I have to think Linux.

Microsoft just announced that Windows7 and Windows8 will no longer be produced, just Windows8.1 for the moment. There was/is a large demand for Windows7 machines from larger companies.

Could it be they skip Windows 9, that when you search for it via say google you often find results Windows 95. And they don't want that?

I wonder if it has something to with the whole 10, X, ONE trend that seems to be upon us. 9... just doesnt shout NEXT GENERATION like 10... though i imagine it wont be long after when there's a 10.1 10.2 10.n...

Yeah, if they will get lots of complain like they experienced when windows 8 is launched in the market.

Windows 10 will have to be successful since about 90% of desktop and laptop computers worldwide use Windows. Apple iOS/OSX follows with 7% and Linux with about 2%. I doubt that many of those Windows users will switch and waste their time learning a different OS.

Servers are also dominated by Windows with 56%, followed by Linux with 20% and iOS/OSX with 18%.

When it comes to tablets and phones, Microsoft missed the boat. Android and iOS/OSX are king.

Linux rules the supercomputer world.