The tech preview of the latest version of Windows (albeit still in flux) is now available for download. True to form, Microsoft assumes that we are idiots. In order to distance themselves from the disaster that was Windows 8, the new version will be called, not Windows 9, but Windows 10. I'm surprised they didn't go all Spinal Tap and call it Windows 11. You can sign up for the preview and download the iso file here.

I think this clip sums it up perfectly aha.

Just because Microsoft would like to point out that they are soo different from everyone else, they must reinvent counting to ten. But agreed, they never learnt from Vista and decided to release another catastrophe two versions later, namely windows 8.

The preview looks pretty, well, good.... Hopefully it will perform as well as it looks.

The Task Manager has been completely reworked. Instead of separate tabs, applications and processes are now available on one tab. Selecting More Details or Fewer Details switches between applications and processes. Personally I don't see why the tabs were combined. In process view, processes are grouped as Apps, Background processes and Windows processes. Multiple instances of an app (like Internet Explorer) are shown as one instance that is expandible. The Performance tab has selectable displays for CPU, Memory, Disk and Ethernet usage. The App History tab shows you cumulative stats (CPU time, Network, Metered network and Tile updates) for each application. There are other tabs for Startup, Users, Details (the old task manager process format) and Services.

The Start button has been restored as promised but in my opinion is inferior to the startup button in Windows 7. By default, Metro apps are included in the Start button menu but the familiar organization with items on the right is gone.

And, of course, they've once again totally reworked the control panel so nothing can be found.


It sounds to me like Microsoft has taken a lot of inspiration from the Ubuntu Unity desktop features. Most of what you describe is what they did in Ubuntu a few years ago. There was a lot of hate about it back then, but the dust has settled and people seem happy about it now. And I agree that it works well. I guess Windows 10 will go through that same cycle with its version of the same features.

I don't intend on using anything 'microsoft operating system' related any time soon, so luckily the mess they continue to make doesn't bother me thankfully.

In keeping with the current trend of using Roman numerals, Microsoft is pleased to announce the next generation of Windows will be named 'Windows X'. And this time there will be only two editions, Standard and Professional (abbreviated to S and P). The circle is now complete. There will be no more confusion. Anyone searching the web for Windows XP will find only the latest version.

<more misinformation>
Or perhaps there will be a standard version calles Windows 10S which will confuse buyers who think they are buying a computer with IOS ^_^

My suggestion would be to go with the coming year, so it would be Windows2015.

If they're gonna go for the year that corresponds to the technology they put out, then I guess that 10, as in 2010, is about right... or maybe a little presumptuous.

It's a hark back to the past.

Ten is the number of people who liked Windows Me, and Microsoft is aiming on bettering that after Vista and 8 failed to make it.

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Windows 8.1 works for me most of the time!
Not sure if Windows 10.1 will be much better.

10 is a superlative, sort of like the movie "10".

Bumsfeld: Windows 10.1 will be 4 better than Windows 8.1 if you apply Microsoft maths.

Maybe the improvement with Windows10 will be in security.

Microsoft keeps promising better security and each new version leaks as much as the last and requires just as frequent patching.