Sound problem
I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Separately my speaker is running ok but when i start audio from computer no sound is coming to speaker. Driver updated but same problem. I dont understand what is the problem. Severeal times i have format but same thing is happening.

Pendrive not detecting
Except one pendrive other pendrive is not detecting but in other PC every pendrive is working. Another problem is that if i insert that pendrive from first(from booting) then pendrive is detecting other after proper ON my PC it's not working

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Do you know if the sound card output has ever worked if it did before you installed windows 7. I have to assume from your description you have check the speakers and they work with something esle, have you (sorry idiot questions)
1) Checked to make sure the volume controls are up on the system and on the speakers them selves?
2) You have the correct drivers installed for the sound card. Check via Device manager.
3)Goto Control Panel\sound\ Check through the tabs and make sure you can see the speakers are connected, you can test them here by highlighting the speaker and clicking on properties. Goto the sounds tab and see if you can make the system create any sounds. Does the system react in any way when you plug them in? It might display a message that speakers have been plugged into socket(s)
4)Make sure the speaker/ microphone connections are the correct way around.
Play a audio CD or try to check to see if the system can load and play and the right application loads and plays it. You should be able to see some 'output' happening.
Have you got another sound card you can fit into the PC? withthe drivers for WIN7?


Pen Drive problem
Insert something else into the slot into which you are inserting the Pen drive. USB mouse etc. can you use the device you have plugged in? if no the port has died, if yes then there is something wrong with the connections possibly on the pen drive or the formatting on the drive is wrong (long shot very long shot)

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