i hate this poping up advertisement boxes, it is just bothering, i dont think any body set focus on the content of those boxes. Please get rid of them.

Awn can you provide some screen shots, because I do not see or either get any pop-ups from the site

>i hate this poping up advertisement boxes
Dani doesn't allow invasive popups. Post a screenshot so she can determine where it came from and chastise accordingly.

it is wierd, as far as i noticed if i dont visit the website for a long time, then i see many boxes not like popup windows but like javascript divs, but when i got your posts, i came to check it and this time it didnt happen. for the time being i cant see any problems like i mentioned early today. thanks for the answers.

Any chance of personal messages mistaken for adverts? Anyway in the future if you get some weird pop up just make screen shot and post it here

i have print screen the annoying thing but i wasnt able to attach it. if you compare this forum to the way forums.asp.net is organized, asp.net's forum is much better.However, they are monitoring all the posts and threads, so it is not as easy to start a thread but it is very easier to use the website. i dont like the include files that are loading it self step by step when i open any page from daniweb. and i dont like the excessive use of ajax even though i am an internet explorer seven user. even the menu opens so slowly long time after you are able to display the page. i dont like php at all... but as i said it is very easy to start a thread here, that is the best thing that i like about here.

  1. You may try to use Firefox rather then IE
  2. You may try to get faster connection
  3. This is open community and not focus group on one technology provider, remember that please

I saw it, but it disappeared before I knew to get a screenshot. It was an ad that launched popups when the mouse rolled over it.

I was just wondering if the attached image is what you guys are talking about because these annoy me.

No, that's a legit form of advertising for Daniweb. It's called IntelliTXT ("Contextual Ads" in your control panel, IIRC). You can disable it in the miscellaneous options for your account.

The thing i mentioned is not a problem anymore, i didnt mention the rollover popups, those ones were different, but they seem to gone. so i am happy using the website now :)