Well I just couldn't hold it in. I remember a while ago the ads were fine and popups didn't constantly occur...now it's a different story :(. The ads are many, most of which are big and system intensive, there are now also many popups. I know there's plenty of other good alternatives to making a good amount of money...like using both google adsense ads and bidclix.com ads...both of which provide good content and can bring in a good amount of money except without the system intensiveness of flash ads and huge images and without the always annoying popups. I'm sorry...just couldn't hold it in...had to vent. But anywho this is a great forum and I hope you guys keep up the great job! :)

Never were any popups on DaniWeb, and never will be any. I try really hard to stick to only relevant, high quality ads, in combination with AdSense. (However, it is a bit dependent upon who wants to buy advertising ;) ) However, we're running an HP campaign right now, in addition to a campaign for Omnis web hosting in the webmaster section, so that's not too bad :)

If you're getting popups while you surf DaniWeb I suspect you may have some nasty adware on your system. It's not us!

Hmm, well I've recieved many popups from the financing loan ad you have here at school and I know for sure since everytime you restart their computers the system reimages the HD with a clean image that there's no way they're infected...:-/

Hmm ... what does the popup look like?

I'll take a screenshot of it next time I get it...interestingly enough though I'm not getting the ad at all on your site at home...:-/ hmm...

There are a lot of ads but at least they blend into the page, but she needs someway of paying for everything.

why not just offer text ads instead of image banners which may (and often do) involve popups? I know of a free and very good ad server which does that and even has a instant signup form that can integrate with services like PayPal....additionally she could have instead a Google ad banner at top and for the skyscraper and bidclix ad, both of which are high quality ad networks and have a pretty good payout without popups or any of the other intrusive features some other ad networks sport (although I've only gotten popups from your guys ads)

First of all, there is an exclusivity clause in the Google's Terms of Service that if you use Google AdSense, you cannot use other text-based ads as well.

Secondly, the majority of banner ads that you see are not through a network. I sell advertising independently myself. That is why I am very suspicious of the popups you're receiving - I put the code for all the banners around here into my ad server myself.

I've got to go Whole-Hearted with cscgal Here!

If you're getting popups while you surf DaniWeb I suspect you may have some nasty adware on your system. It's not us!

I've Never experienced any Pop-up Ads here on DaniWeb. You Must Certainly have something on Your Computer opening a door for those.

There are Many Programs for Removal of Such, Ad-Aware, and Spy-botSD are the two I use most. Also, Panda Software, and Computer Associates both offer FREE Online Scanning.

I'm also suspicious that you're not getting any popups on your home computer but only your work computer. Definitely makes it seem not like something on my end.

This is a great site, it's clean too, this site is run by a tech person, one who knows the gripes of us tech people, lol. I doubt anything as drastic as popup ads would occur. Keep on keeping on cscgal and DaniWeb.com!