You can now earn DaniWeb activity points for "liking" or "sharing" threads on Facebook. Simply click the 'like' button on forum threads and earn two activity points :)


Since I'm not a Facebookie not a Tweetie, I'm honestly curious as to why all this linking is a good thing. What does it really do for a member? for DaniWeb?

commented: I know it's that you just don't want people to see your pictures of you partying in the club. Personally, I'm trying to hide my faux celebrity status. +0

With the Google algorithm change significantly hurting the amount of traffic we have (as we rely so heavily on traffic from google), we're looking towards social media to drive visitors to DaniWeb. Visitors who tweet or like DaniWeb pages are basically recommending DaniWeb to their network of online friends and colleagues.

By tying it into activity points, it's (hopefully) a good way to get people enthusiastic about endorsing DaniWeb, bookmarking and recommending specific pages to their friends and colleagues, growing our traffic through social media, and hopefully getting a little more independence from Google.

well i will check it out on facebook, you guys are too good to not be publicized.

Anytime there's a thread that you like, click the little 'Like' button in the upper right of the page or to the right of this Quick Reply box.

Oh c'mon people ... Only one person 'likes' something on all of DaniWeb today? Step it up :) haha

commented: I like to keep my minor celebrity status a secret on here, plus they'll all unfriend me, evr'y last one of 'em. +0

How about Twitter points, too? ;)

Er, i can't daniweb on facebook. Can anyone post the link. thanks

Er i have found it. I went to search in google and found it. LOL:D

You just need to click the little Facebook like button at the top of the thread page or to the right of the quick reply box.

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In IE8 the Like button and the count next to it, are shown on top of the menu.

How about google chrome is it the same as IE8 or Firefox

Yes, they are in the same place regardless of the web browser. Just look to the right of the quick reply editor.

Thanks I like daniweb now.