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Music sharing with Facebook friends just became easier, and if that isn't enough to distract you, how about a game of Internet pinball? Two manufacturers are banking that these innovations will keep Facebook users entertained 24/7.

Facebook users that subscribe to Thumbplay Music's desktop app can combine it with iTunes Auto-Sync, and automatically import their iTunes playlists when signing into their accounts. Music is streamed by right-clicking "Share" on Thumbplay Music's desktop app. Music can be shared with specific friends or everyone on the user's Facebook network Music sharing for Twitter users is also in the works. What Thumbplay Music's desktop does is detect the user's highest rated and most frequently played artists for import. This technology is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows and is built on Adobe AIR technology. This service is available for iPhones, Blackberry and Android. All users will have access to 9 million tracks of music under license from all major labels and more than 35,000 independent labels. Blackberry users have the added advantage of uninterrupted listening even if their online connection is disrupted.

Sony Ericsson looks set to entertain Facebook users across the globe following its launch of a free online pinball game . It's a mobile phone game with a colorful and social twist. The game has a musical element in the form of an 'Emusicon.' The player starts by choosing the icon, or 'Emusicon' that they wish to use. Each Emusicon is based on a different genre of music. And while you won't get access to your iTunes library or the 9 million tracks of music offered by Thumplay, you will have a variety of music from Samba to an R'n'B-themed Eumusicon. The choice is up to the player. It's a system based on choosing icons that correspond to the corresponding actions. The social side of this game is that the players are given the option of sharing their high scores with their Facebook friends.

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Facebook has been maintaining the entertainment in the site. This will attract more users and even new members. What a great marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing this information.

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Thanks for sharing this

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Good Nice idea thanks for sharing. Entertain is most and must important feature of the todays generation

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nice to read all that, quite useful.

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thanks! very useful!

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thanks for your post, i really enjoyed playing the game...though wasted some valuable time which is so important, all the same quite entertaining

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great news! thanks for sharing

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You're welcome!

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