I was making an answer to a post and it ended up being much bigger in scope than the actual answer required. I thought it might make a good tutorial, but I don't see how I can post something in a "Tutorial" section directly? The only option is to "Post in current forum", but this will (I think) put the post in at the C++ forum level, but not as a tutorial in the C++ forums. Once I click on the button to make a post, then the options are only "Discussion Thread" or "Code snippet", neither of which describes what I'm intending to do. What am I missing?


When creating a new article you can select both the type and the forum. So if you're posting from the C++ forum, the selected forum for the new article will be C++, but you can change it using the selection list before posting. I imagine that as a more general tutorial you'll want to post directly to the Software Development category.

Likewise, the "section" that the article goes to is defined by the article type. To post a tutorial, change the type from Discussion Thread to Tutorial.

Ravenous, currently only staff writers can post tutorials, and there is a rigorous process to be accepted. Please email me some examples of your work / writing style. :)

Deceptikon, only administrators have that functionality :) Staff writers use the Editorial Workshop accessible from the link in the footer, but even that is limited to just Staff Writers.

A while back, as part of the newsletters, there was an invitation to write tutorials and the instructions were given more or less as follows: post a normal "Discussion Thread", and then send a PM to the relevant moderators and admins asking to turn it into a "Tutorial", if they deem it worthy. Or you can also write it first (not as a thread, but just as a text document), send it via PM to mods and admins, and then, if accepted, possibly with suggested modifications, post it as a "Discussion Thread" and notify the admin(s) about it so it can be turned into a tutorial. That's what I did for the two tutorials I wrote in the C++ forum. As a mod, I don't seem to have the power to turn an article into a tutorial, only admins can do that. For the C++ forum specifically, the relevant mods that can judge your tutorial would be mainly myself, deceptikon, ~s.o.s~, and WaltP. As for who can finally turn it into a "tutorial", I guess it has to be happygeek (or admins like Dani, deceptikon or ~s.o.s~).

I guess it could be worth mentioning somewhere in the page for creating an article how to submit a new tutorial. Another little thing to add to the "to-do" list for Dani and deceptikon.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the replies. I hadn't realised there was such a process for tutorials. It makes sense to properly review them. In light of the extra review and moderation, I'll take more time to write it.

To be honest, I'm not sure that what I was writing is as big as a full tutorial; it's more of a note, or something like that. Not a code snippet, but possibly not a full tutorial.

As I said, I'll take some more time to get something more complete together.

Thanks again.

As Mike mentioned, feel free to post something as a regular discussion and then ping an admin to promote it to a tutorial. Those who contribute regularly get promoted to staff writer status.

To be honest, I'm not sure that what I was writing is as big as a full tutorial

My tutorials are not a good example length-wise. They are much too long, and I would mostly probably not write them as long if I were to do them again.

As I said, I'll take some more time to get something more complete together.

Just from curiosity, what is it about?