Hey there. I was hoping some of you guys would have posted something about this already, but I guess not. Just curious what you guys think of the new style. Well, not a complete new style ... but the orange navbar was replaced with a purple one and we have a new logo. Plus, there are new postbit buttons, and I haven't yet decided if they are temporary or permanent. (I just knew I had to get rid of the old ones b/c they were all orange hehe). So, in any case, what do you guys think? Change for the better or worse? Anything else you'd like to see changed? Let me know! :)

And for those of you who miss the "posts within the past 24 hours" link that used to be where the banner ad is now, no worries. The "new posts" link in the navbar does the same thing :-D

Slade commented: I love the new style +6

Well, I haven't been here long so I wasn't sure what had changed one day when I logged on, but I was freaking out because I knew where somethings previously were and now they weren't... But I've grown used to this and although I can't really remember the old style all that well, I prefer this :cheesy:.


Thanks for the feedback. Mostly this was just a color and logo change. As I said, the only thing that was moved was the 24 hour thing. And that is in the navbar now :)

The new style looks awesome, Dani! :)

Tis a Dark Blue-purplish, I like it!

It's a bit more soothing to the eyes, I never liked orange anyway... I hate striking colors... eye-sore!!!

I think the site looks perfect the way it is, dont change it.

Sorry I never got back to you guys sooner on this one, but thanks for the positive feedback.

I have tested the site on all resolutions and only on 800 X 600 is it a little cramped. What res are you running?