i have been getting emails telling me "You have been added to this usergroup" i got 2 on the 16 and one on the 18 and i thought i was already part of the usergroup that they where telling me i was added to cause i has asked to be part of them but i had already got an email about being add back on june 16. its not a big deal i jst thought i would let you know so if they were automated emails or something. :D

I'm glad you brought this up because it applies to other people in usergroups as well. Unfortunately, I was having a lot of problems with usergroups lately - my database got screwed up. As a result, I had to delete all existing usergroups and then recreate them, and re-add members to the new usergroups. Sorry 'bout this peeps! It's all straightened out now.

cool i jst thought i would mention it. :D

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