Capcom held its Street Fighter IV press conference an 12 PST today at Comic-Con San Diego, and as expected, confirmed and debunked a few rumors. In the end, it was a great conference for Street Fighter fans, and a reality-check for fans of the ill-fated Darkstalkers series last seen in 1997 (?)

Seth Killian took the stage and announced that there are lots of exciting announcements on the way. Yoshinori Ono then took the stage wearing a robe and slippers, to a round of applause He asked those who follow his twitter feed if they have figured out the secret hint

Yoshinori Ono brings up Darkstalkers, but unfortunately confirmed its non-existence. He tells people that if they want it, they should show the execs at Capcom by holding up a dollar for a photo, presumably to give to the execs at Capcom.

He announced that Street Fighter IV will be updated with new tournament modes that are regulated by Capcom, and new costumes for Rufus and Blanka. He also showed off screenshots for Super Street Fighter IV on the Nintendo's new portable, the 3DS. Ono claims the game will retain look and feel of the PS3 and 360 versions. He announces that there will indeed be new characters announced for Super Street Fighter IV, but we will have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show convention in September.

Ono goes on to present a trailer for an online edition of Street Fighter III: Online Edition. This, he says, is his way of thanking the fans for saving his job at Capcom. It isn't coming out soon, but it will be released when it is up to the fans' tastes. Players can go to the the Capcom Unity site and tell Seth Killian what they want to see in the game. Street Fighter has a dedicated audience and there will be lots of heated discussions regarding new or tweaked features.

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He makes the same request regarding the street fighter 4 series, asking fans what they want to see added to or changed from the current “Super” formula.

And then, it happened. The producers of Tekken (from Namco) walked into the room, and began handing out copies of Tekken to Street Fighter fans. A video began to play, starting with Street Fighter's punching bad, Dan, flying into a wall. The graphics were similar to the ink technique used in Street Fighter IV. They reveal that they are indeed making a game with Namco, but tt will feature strictly Street Fighter and Tekken characters. This probably appeals to fans of traditional Street Fighter games, rather than the Vs. series which features non traditional gameplay elements. In a very Street Fighter announcer like voice, the video claims that “A time for a new fighting era has begun”

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Ono states that, "we've known each other because of the industry but never had a chance to try something like this before". "Ono approached the producer behind Tekken with the idea since he heard he was a SF fan.", Killian informs the crowd. The games official title is Street Fighter Cross Tekken. Each company will produce its own version. The video at the show appears to be Capcom's game. Ono then faces off with the producer of Tekken, using Ryu and Chun-Li against what appears to be Kazuya, from Tekken. If definitely resembles Street Fighter 4's style. The game won't be out for a while though, so fans will have to get the most out of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 until then.

We will post videos shortly, so check back for the video updates to come!

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