The Comic-Con event has been built upon the fact that comic/popular media fans can be some of the most diehard fans around. Most attendees are passionate about their beloved characters as well as the promise of seeing exclusive content and getting to mingle with fellow enthusiasts and in this case by "mingle" we mean "stab'.

Comic fans can be quite fanatical by nature and now we can add territorial to the list. While awaiting the start of a panel featuring actor Seth Rogen, two attendees in the packed room got into a disagreement over seating proximity. As the two parties argued over who was sitting too close to whom, the disagreement reached critical mass when the Harry Potter t-shirt-clad-attendee-turned-assailant stabbed his opponent near the eye. In leiu of a twig-shaped magic wand the attacker used his trusty pen to defend his space although this choice in weaponry seemed to do little to diffuse the seriousness of the situation. Responding San Diego Police officers whisked the attacker away to face charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon (insert pen is mightier than the sword jokes here) while the victim was was taken to a local hospital for treatment of a minor cut.

Comic-Con staff were able to keep the show rolling with the aforementioned panel only being delayed approximately 30 minutes due to the altercation, during which time they were shown a series of movie trailers. This incident does shed more light on the concerns of many recent attendees that the event is beginning to outgrow the event facilities, perhaps suggesting a change of venue is in order.

No official statement from Comic-Con has been released at this time.

I've never heard of any stabbings at DEF CON before. Mostly it's just a bunch of happy nerds playing with computers.

But anytime you go somewhere in the heat, then cram a lot of people into a small container like sardines in a can - someones going to do something.

Dani 1,700

I just tweeted "Stabbing at Comic-Con resulted from atendees fighting over the better seat to see Seth Rogen" ... It is sad and pathetic that I had to tweet that.