I read that Facebook has changed their "Become a Fan" button to "I like" button - so my question for the members of this board are:
1. Will this affect how you promote your Face book Fan Page?
2. Do you think this will help increase Fans?

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I think this new feature of facebook will help in internet marketing specially in social media marketing (SMM). By using this feature we can increase our friends list. if our friends list will increase then visits for our profile will increase. We can take advantage of this.

Yes this help to increase the popularity of your business.Make more and more friend and send them fan request.Definitely you will be able to find the people those will interested to buy or dealing with you.

So this new change reminds me of the ways Myspae had it - where a business created a profile and you can see it as a friend rather than a sub page instead. I will re-visit this topic in a month or two and monitor what changes or effects it has done.

"Like us" people want to like my business? become a fan is much better.

i still see both the 'like' and 'become a fan' options. Did they not change it yet? Or maybe they changed it back?

I thought it was supposed to change as per the news last week but I just beame a Fan of "I like Earl". Go figure.

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