Hi, need some help on getting a new heat sink fan.

I've currently got a stock amd one which came with my processor, Athlon 64 x2 5200+ (yes, quite old) and it's starting to make a really loud noise when the rpm increases above 4000. It makes this noise due to vibration i'm guessing and it'll be best to replace with an aftermarket one right?

Anyways, i'm not really sure on which cooler to get and I've seen plenty of suggestions for a arctic cooling freezer 7 pro. The problem with this is that the fan would be facing up towards the psu or down towards the gpu. Is this a problem?


Oh, I'm also using a thermaltake soprano supermidi case, so not entirely sure if it'll fit in there?


your links not working ,so not sure what you meant about the direction of the fan

ah sorry, it was just a link to the arctic cooling freezer 7 pro.


I've measured the inside of my tower and I think it should be fine in terms of size, but the problem is, the fan would be facing towards the psu or the gpu. Is that alright?

I also don't plan on overclocking either.


ok,now i understand ,don't see the direction making any difference in performance of the cooler

Sorry, don't quite understand what you mean.

My question basically is if it's a problem for the cooler to be faced towards the psu or the gpu rather than face towards the back/front/side of the case?

If I get the arctic cooler which can be seen on the link, it can only be placed facing the psu or the gpu. Is that ok?

since a fan usually blows towards the cpu ,i don't it hurting what way the cooler faces.
as long as there is cool air coming in the front of the case to blow pass the cpu cooler it should be ok .

Alright. Thanks for your help.

your welcome .good luck

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