hi guys,
i have recently installed ubuntu netbook edition on my hp mini netbook and it all went well. but the problem came after, the fan has been making some annoying noise. at first it would go on and off, then i went and disabled the "fan always on option". it stopped, so now i get continues annoying noise from fan.

please help..

Thanking you in advance

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it could be a hardware problem. how do you feel about looking up online how to open up the case and checking it out in action?

What tje210 say could also be true but in this problem is common and nothing ever happens to the laptop only the fan noise. You can try doing a scan to check whether there are any virus on your laptop. Don't disemble any parts if you are not experience.
What do you do when the noise occur, what apps or software are you running that time?

nothing, it is just the OS.. ever since I put ubuntu in it.

Perhaps we just dont understand exactly what the sound is. Regardless, the operating system that is on a computer should not cause it to make any abnormal sounds.

Sounds are common if your engine is running. What do you mean by abnormal sounds, try using a different os and see whether you still have the fan problem

i was using windows 7 starter before.. Then I got rid of it, thats when the problem came up!

That means something is wrong with your ubuntu. Have a scan found anything?

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