I am grace, Thanks i found this site maybe you can help me Guys, please! We have computer with speedtouch internet and i bought a laptop, i dont know where i can start so i can use my laptop upstairs using the same internet...

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Assuming you are using windows xp / vista the simplest way is using WiFi.

You will need a Wifi adaptor in both the laptop and PC. The laptop will probably have one built in but if the PC doesn't you can buy a wifi card to go inside or a usb adaptor. See my note next for an option with an additional wifi router. If you have a Wifi router from speedtouch then so much the better. If you don't you will need to have your PC switched on to use the internet.


Go to control panel then choose network connections.

Click on "Set up a home or small office network" and follow the prompts. A usb flash disk will be useful but not essential.

If you can't see the "Set up a home..." then make sure "folders" is not selected in the list of icons or choose File --> Network Setup Wizard.

Setup the network with no security and then add it. Add your security key and check that it still works then add your MAC addresses to the network.

Your security key is used to encrypt information that is sent wirelessly. If you don't, then your information can be intercepted.

A MAC address is a 12 digit "serial" number that uniquely identifies your wireless adaptors. You can restrict access to your network to just those that you specify to make it harder for others to use your network.

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