hi guys and gals

just thaught id intoduce myself to the community just happened to stumble upon this site as i was looking for some random tutorials as i have just started to learn proggramming.......

neways my name is chris as u prolly already guessed lol im 24 years old and i am from aus
i am most into gamming (would also like to learn how to proggram games) like css and such

neways im prolly dribbling on i take my leave now


chris :)

Welcome Chris!

Theres a few aussies here. What programming language are you learning?

Cool, if you get vb down try moving onto C#, and then eventually onto Java or c++

yeah the course i am doing will be moving into java round about june/july

yeah i started with VB, did java at university first year, and am moving onto c++ for second year of university

How are you finding it?

Welcome Chris--I wonder how many active members found their way to Daniweb "by accident" but fell in love with it and stayed. If you're for real, than you'll stick around and find this site a gold mine. BTW, dealing with JBENNET, you're in with the cream of the crop. Stick with his advice--he's the best (his motto "Try my suggestions at your own risk" is just a sign of his humility)!

Thanks ;) the warning is just there because sometimes things do go wrong and people sometimes get angry

Coincidentally i found this site by accident too, when trying to setup linux an old pc i got for free.

Hi, Welcome to DaniWeb!:)

Hello to efmesch and Robdale hope to see ya round sometime soon

atm i am finding vb not difficult but not easy either i sorta dibbled and dabbled in a bit of ruby b4 i started this course (Cert4 in programming) we just started going through actually creating and calling modules/functions.... ill be happy to take any advice i can get dont worry i wont get angry if things dont work lol

btw i need linux (centOs 5.2) for my networking class and the teacher gave us all a live cd but i cant get it to boot since i have sata drives can any one tell me were i might find a copy that has been highly compressed as my net is absolutly ridiculous it tried to tell me 4.3 gig was gonna take 2 days 18 hrs rofl
i tried to get it last nite anyway but like usual the net dropped out and i couldnt resume.......

neways enuf from me

ill cyas round :)

5.2 should work fine with SATA which is odd.

Try ordering one, there are many sites that willship a dvd for $5 to $20

yeah i thaught that it was odd myself but i spent a good coupple of hours trying to boot it from the cd i just get

Create symlink / dev/root then exit shell to continue boot sequence
bash no job controll in this shell
bash 3-2#

if i leave it alone my screen eventually goes blank and does nothing

i eventually found my way to centOs irc channel and a coupple of the guys in there said it wont boot from sata and i couldnt install since the disk was a live cd apparently i need the installation iso instead

Yeah you cant install from the liveCD anyway

CentOS install DVD should work fine with SATA. Try ordering a DVD off the net.

Hey Chris. I wish you luck in the programming world. I am new to it myself. Maybe we will be able to help each other out as time goes by.



yeah ill try that not much else i can

hey nightGoddess hope to c ya round
sure if i can help out here and there i dont c a problem with it ;)