Im new to Daniweb. Was looking for ways to advertise sites and i recieved several links that brough me here and it made me decide to create an account. I hope to be able to get my site up and running and make it a full time job. I enjoy working with computers and it lead me to open my own computer store. I wont post the link on here as its against the rules but i will tell what my site is about. My site sells lots of different items from: swords, to chess sets, to statues, to almost anything u can think of. i have a weekly deal set up every week i have new deals. i will be adding alot more to it soon. and i was wondering a good way to get it advertised and well known. im going to be adding adbrite to it later this evening. Im also going to put ad's of it in the local newspaper and bullitenboards, as well as see about speaking to the local tv stations. I am very dedicated to turning this from a hobby to a job.

Hello Metalord221, Welcome to forum dinaweb.