Warm greetings!

My name is Avery White and I am absolutely in love with Jesus, and I'm working on making Him the center of my life! I'm a 23 year old "super senior" at Texas A&M University, and I'm majoring in Computer Engineering with minors in Mathematics and English.

I'm currently working on two research opportunities involving the programming of microcontrollers (which I have nil experience with otherwise), and genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation. As such, I'm rapidly learning C/C++ and Java.

Last semester I was privileged to take a microprocessors class in which, with direction, we coded up some extremely basic device drivers in Linux. I was blessed to be paired up with a lab partner who really knew the OS, and it allowed me to see a lot of what I would have missed otherwise.

MS-DOS, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,
Ubuntu (Karmic Koala)

Loosely Familiar with the following Unix Derivatives:
uClinux, CentOS, RedHat, PuppyLinux, Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)
(I'd include Cygwin here too...it's complicated enough, but it's not a real OS),

Recommended OS: Ha! If I'm doing IT work, and the individual says:

"I just want everything to work, I don't care about gaming and I know nothing about computers"
I say: "Well...do you mind learning things and relying on a huge support group?"
cin >> answer;
if (answer)
cout << "Have you considered Ubuntu?" ;
cout << "Go buy yourself a Mac" ;

"I love gaming, and *does it matter what they say after that?*"
I say: "Avoid Windows ME, and Vista...sure the latter is an "okay" operating systems after all the service packs...but even the release candidate of Windows 7 has worked fine for the past year on two of my machines"

"I love programming and figuring things out"
I say: Ooh!! Can I please install Ubuntu on your machine?!!! Terminal is soo cool!!
> Yeah, ubuntu is pretty user friendly!!! :)

Languages: C/C++, Verilog
Loosely familiar with: VHDL, MIPS language, Java
Interested in learning: HTML, CSS, and other web languages

I digress...I'm also working on creating a comic strip, and I used to play airsoft quite a bit. Basketball is cool too.

I like movies. :)

When I grow up, I want to be a professor...or a preacher...or a writer...heck, I'll do all three :)

Kind Regards,


Wooooooie. Wow. Great to hear from you my friend with Christ. I love Him too. I see you are interested in HTML and so on. That's my strongest programming point. I do HTML/CSS/PHP. Great stuff. I'm now learning MFC C++. Very interesting but slightly difficult stuff.

Anyhow, I don't want to talk too much. This is your thread. ;) I am so very pleased to find a friend with Christ on an IT forum.

See you around Avery. :)