Hello everyone!

I registrered an account on this community years ago and I don't remember why, actually O_O
At first glance looked like an alter ego of SO, but looking better into details I feel a different athmosphere, kind of friendly environment.

I am a software developer, tried a little bit of every field, worked mostly for industrial automation (when I call that "software development" I feel uncomfortable) but then converted myself into freelancer during the day and startupper during the night. I know C++, C#, studied but never actually used Python, and then web techs both front and back end, I am no genius, I am just quite quick to learn what I need for the next project... I played also with graphics programming and the "old fashioned" DirectX (up to 9.x) and OpenGL (up to 4.0) with relative success and my childhood dream was (and still is) to make a videogame, maybe, one day. Everyone needs an utopic dream to keep going, right?

So instead of looking around and trying to invent a new way to enter this somehow interesting community, I decided to ask to all of YOU:
Can you people tell me if I am in the right place and why? :-D

Looking forward to your wellcome...bye!

Unlike certain other sites we welcome and encourage discussion and opinions. Anything goes, just keep it legal and don't insult other members.
What would you like to talk about?

Have you looked at Unity for game development? There are lots of tutorials available.

commented: Yes, I did. Never took it seriously, but I played a little with it too! +0

DaniWeb is nearly twenty years old, making us older than SO. We’re community forums while they are strictly Q&A. We try to focus more around the community and the people and getting to know each other.

Somebody always says, to this kind of question, there is something here for everyone, lots of expertise and opinion about every area of interest you have mentioned.
As someone has said we have open discusions on a range of contaversial subjects that do not degenerate into polarising slanging matches.
You are welcome here before you open your mouth, and when you do, what comes out will usually be listed to with respect if not agreement