I'm in the process of starting up a software development company. I have a passion for anything 'IT' but unfortunately I have no programming experience. The company will be receiving most of its order online and from referrals and these will vary from small programming jobs, business applications to designing websites and web apps. I need someone who will be able to structure the company, hire key staff members and manage the projects/orders. As I see it, I will forward the CSA an order, they will then determine which direction should be taken by programmers/designers, delegate the work to appropriate staff members and as well as consistent reviewing of staff members and their output they should provide quality assurance. I.e. the end product meets and if achievable exceeds the customer’s requirements.

Now, I’m under the impression the CSA would fit this role. Am I right? If not, who?

What should I write in the job description of a job posting?

Of course I do not need at this point a CSA who would not find it difficult to land a job as one at Microsoft or the like.

How skilled a programmer/engineer do I need to fit this role that would do well for my company?

Any feedback is welcome.


P.S. Mod, if there is a better area for this thread to be in, please move it there. Thanks.

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What's the best way to get a qualified person to have a look at your thread?

You should do something similar to Google answers here. I would happily pay $xx to get my question answered.

Wow! That's a tall order. Have you found anyone to help you yet? If not, email me and let's discuss your company. I'll see if I can help.

Interesting topic.
I guess any software project needs a person who can conceive the whole project. It can be named an architect or project manager, whatever.
But you are talking about "someone who will be able to structure the company, hire key staff members and manage the projects/orders". These functions probably are not an architect's responsibilities.

Did you found someone yet? May be I could be of some help. We run a software company with around 55 people working for it. Good luck

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