I have a gmail account but I happen to know that I can't give out invitations just whenever I feel like to. Is that right? Because I'm not an expert about this, but I'm willing to give you an invitation if you want. :cheesy:

dont know about you mate, but i can i have 90 left to send whenever i like

the more you use your account, the more invites you get.

digitalz, click the link (one is taken)

I still have g-mail invites as well, please PM me if you want one.

There's really no point to this thread anymore, since Gmail no longer requires an invite to join. Perhaps this should get closed/destickied?

i agree

i just signed up to gmail today. it rocks

i liked its inbuilt chatting thing.

well...i still have 98 invites left..hehe so anyone would like to have it just give me ur emails ayitzzz

I would have thought gmail will get rid of the invites pretty soon or make them do something different.

We should start a daniweb pressure group to try and make google give the original gmail users something better. That would be cool

yeah..i agree with you roryt!!..

Online petitions never work.

Work is the thing i hate.