Thank you for allowing me to join your community. I am not a programmer, in fact I am not technical in any way. I am a placement counselor, or technical recruiter if you will. I do not wear a grass skirt or carry a spear, and I am not here in a foreign land trying to relo you for a irrelevant position. I work, love, and live in Orange County. I specialize in placing full-time permanent high-end .NET, PHP, and Flash developers here in Orange County. I work for a nationwide organization that only does IT placements and has been in the OC market since 1994. My service is not cheap, but with that said neither is my ability to provide end to end solutions. The relationships I have with both my clients and my candidates are based off of mutual desire to establish and continuously build professional business relationships. That being said, I am always willing to help anyone as much as I can. If you are a top-tier developer and are seriously looking for a full-time position, or keeping your eyes open for that matter, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss in more detail how we can help eachother. Likewise, if you are a hiring manager and like most of my clients, not only look at staffing as the last thing you want to do, but also need help on a professional level bringing someone aboard, again please feel free to contact me. That said, I only place very niche positions as described above, however I would be more than happy to give advice with other types of positions just on a friend and colleague basis. It can hurt to ask me, remember I am a professional and to give you an idea, 94% of the offers extended to my candidates are accepted.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with any and all of you.

Erin Wilson

welcome to daniweb!

Nice that you could join us!