I hardly ever post problems nowadays becasue I'm stubborn enough to figure things out, and because there are so many places to get info, like this site.
I usually burn CDs with Nero, but lately they won't play in my truck.
I tested the discs in my computer and DVD player, no problem.
I guessed it was the 12 year old player in my Ranger finally giving up the ghost, but I checked it with some commercial discs, and it played them just fine,
I decided to put this off for another day.
This morning I fired up my Ubuntu machine and decided to burn a disk with Brasero.
I selected the songs from my network, put in the disc and got a message:
"It is not a good idea to use CD RW media for audio discs."
Sure enough, I had been using a stack of TDK CD RWs instead of the CD Rs I usually use, and Ubuntu was smart enough to let me know, unlike Nero.
These TDKs have the CD RW label in very small type, so you have to look closely to see it.
Bottom line:Ubuntu (7.04) is everything the hype says it is.

yeah it does. has some issues, but the hardware support it has is much better than windows