Hi Dani,

It's Anna's cousin.

How have you been? I can't believe how your site is doing so well. Keep up the great work. Say hi to Mom for me. I hope you and her are coping well. It's been 3 years since Jeanne died and I still think about her every day. It's hard. I know.

I made a website dedicated to her about the Weight Loss surgery. It's been real slow on that site. I don't have time to work on it.


Best regards,

Lonny :)

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Hey there Lonny. Fancy meeting you here! I checked the Site Reviews forum this morning and saw you ask for a review of liguide.com. I ran to the phone and called my mom with, "Oooh guess who's the newest member on my site?" ;) I didn't think you knew where you were until like a half hour later when I found this thread.

I've been stopping by New Vision, LI Guide, About Jean, and LI Autism for years now ;) Just checking out what you have up there.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I remember my dad came home from work one day saying, "I saved someone's life today!" We asked him why and he said, "Because a customer came in saying she is thinking about having gastric bypass surgery and I convinced her not to."

So do I have a new DaniWeb member in you? ;) hehe


Hey Dani,

HA , that's great about Cliff. I miss him. It's amazing how life is really short and you never know what's going to happen. You hear it day in and day out, but it never sinks in. Eh, that will never happen to me. The old cliche. Well it happens and when you are always vulnerable and boom, your life changes in a second. Not too many people get it. Not too many people want to get it. They just avoid it. They feel that if I don't know then I'm better off without knowing. Well whatever the case might be. Things happen in life which can turn your life upside down in an instant. Be prepared people....

On another note. I always wanted to start something like this site years ago in 1997, but there was nothing out there as far as applications went. I'm proud of what you have accomplished here. It's terrrific. I'll be around!

Best of Luck.

oh yeah about those style sheets you talked about.. hmmm.. (longislandguide.com) Let me know if you or someone you know is interested in designing the site that way....

Maybe I'll run a contest on here....



1997 was the perfect time to start a site like this. I really wish I did it back then too. SitePoint.com and Devshed.com both started around that time, and look where they are today. Right before the dot com bust - at least in the tech industry that is. Everyone is amazed that DaniWeb is doing so well for only being one year old. So many people told me they always thought that DaniWeb was established before the .com bust considering how well we're doing :) We're actually growing at the same rate as those sites right now ... they just have so many more posts and members because they have been doing it for longer. :)

Incidently, currenly active users shows us both reading this thread right now :)


I apologize to the community for double-posting ;) It's just my personal preference/feelings that the edit button should only be used to correct typos and errors in your original post, which is why the edit button goes disabled after a bit of time around here. In any case, I digress ...

Sorry for the ramble. But I just had another thought. Have you checked out [thread]11028[/thread] yet? That's what you were referring to by "style sheets"? Not sure what you mean because the word stylesheet to me means CSS and XHTML :)

Also, how did you happen to find DaniWeb? Did you hear about it from my mom, or just happen to stumble upon us online and say, "Oooh! I know her!"


Hey Dani,

I remembered the site and I was searching google. I saw one of your adword ads. I ddin't click it. I remebered the domain. I have no idea what to do with the site anymore as far as changing it. I have changed every year and this year I am stumped. I'm also opening up another site soon, and stumped on that one as well. Same premise as the longislandguide.com but on a larger regional scale. I have over 60,000 business listed already and I'm just figuring out how to launch it.




u alright mate. dnt acctually get wot dis web site is 4. but cinda came up n 4t id regesta any ways wot can i do on it? ema xxxxx from brighton x where u from :)

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