I have wiped out my hard drive assuming that I could start fresh again. After the wipe process has been completed, I could not install Microsoft Windows since it cannot reformat my disk. The setup says the hard disk is inaccessible. I also can't run my LiveCD version of Ubuntu. I have done everything I could to fix this problem. Please help me.

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How exactly did you wipe out your HDD?
Did you use a program for this, or just go and deleted everything...?

Technically you should be able to insert your Windows disk and it will start scanning your HDD. Then it will give you the option to delete the partition, create a new partition, and then format it. Allowing you to continue with the installation process.

Were you having any trouble with your HDD before you cleaned it, if so it could possibly be "going bad" and you need a new one.
They are rather cheap compared to what they used to be, and simple to install.


What happens when you boot to your CD... Can you boot to it??? If not check your BIOS setting... also check out www.bootdisk.com this might help you... if you can find the drive manfacture run there diagnostics.. good luck

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