Hello all,
Why Yahoo still has a bad messenger for Linux? There is no place to actually complain about that, and yahoo doesn't bother about Linux users either. Why does yahoo keeps a step brotherly attitude towards Linux.

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Use Pidgin.

because you should use linux utilities under Linux. both GAIM (Pidgin) and Kopete work well as Yahoo! messenger clients

Hello there,

Its trime to change your chat status. yahoo is getting bored nowadays . try using Gaim or Pidigin.. even Gtalk is also recommended and very easy to use.

yeah, GAIM/Pidgin does AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC etc.. all in one application

Except it crashes constantly.

if it crashes, there is something wrong

doesnt crash for me

If you compile WITH NetworkManager, it crashes constantly. However, I don't know how to compile without it.

why not use the binary?

on my debian install + gnome it works fine

Because that was the one crashing constantly, moreso than the sources.

what version are you using, svn or something?

I was using 2.4 sources, but I issued sudo make uninstall and installed the binaries, and actually, it hasn't crashed yet. I'm surprised.

Thanks for the advice. I'll be sticking with this for a while.

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