HI I am a computer idiot with lots of problems! I run windows 2000 with an at&t compatible computer! I have misplaced the back up disc for windows 2000 due to the fact that I am packing to move! My problems started when I deleted superantispyware, I believe! I deleted the program, then when to reboot, when I come back I can not get add/remove program to open, then I reboot again and the computer ask me for password to access computer! This has never happened before in 2 years! After attempting several suggested fixes I did get the password access eliminated, but I still can not get the add/remove program to work! Now I find out my windows media player 9 does not work or Qtime! When I go to access yahoo messenger sometimes it works sometimes it does not! I generally fix this with reloading my back up registry, but all this crazy problems are getting very annoying! Occasionally my background picture on my screen goes missing! Lots of weird crazy stuff! I have done all sorts of virus scans, rootkit scans, I have scanned this computer silly, still I find nothing and have no idea how to fix any thing! So if any one has time, patients of a saint, nerves of steel and is a good computer geek wants to take on this challenge lol please respond lol


make seperate thread about your problems and post a link here, and ill take a look at it. this board is strictly for introductions

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Thanks for the welcome! I have been busy reading through all these post here seeing if there is partial solutions to my problems! I like the look of the site though!

Glad to have you with us!