i agree, except for annihilator i dont know much about them. Ive moved away from heavy metal in last 5 years or so. Being a family man and having a different outlook on life and all. Although they'll stay with me i tend to listem to more upbeat music these days like Kings of Leon, The shins, the killers, Bob Marley, Hey Rosetta (local band from St. John's EXCELLENT BAND) the kooks, Architecture in helsinki and list goes on and on and on.

So this "Songs that make you mad" thread has actually turned into a "songs that you like" thread?!

Pantera, Slayer, Overkill, Testament, Annihilator, Anthrax, Megadeth, Exodus, Corrosion of Conformity - all good (or they were many years ago, some I haven't kept up with :) )

Anthrax is amazing. One of my favorite bands, A lot of their older stuff is better than the newer.

I haven't heard any of their newer stuff past Stomp 442, which I think was the second album with John Bush singing. Persistence of Time was probably my favorite, though I like pretty much all of their early stuff.

dragonforce is viking/speed metal

Persistence of Time, Fistful of Metal, Among the Living are my favorites. Among the Living has two songs based on Stephen King works. Among the Living (the song) is based on The Stand and A Skeleton in the Closet is based on Apt Pupil. Stephen King is my all time favorite author so they mix really well. :)

That umbrella song. I don't know who makes it, it's like some hip-hop song or something. Where the woman repeats umbrella like 100 times, and then says under my umbrella. BAH I hate it!

My favorite band(s) would definitley be disturbed, Lamb of God, Tool, Dope, In Flames, Drowning Pool, ect.. .

That umbrella song. I don't know who makes it, it's like some hip-hop song or something. Where the woman repeats umbrella like 100 times, and then says under my umbrella.


lol I couldnt agree more Maulth

It's a realy good song

oh i'm kind of bored how bout you

Most commercial jingles.

I gave you a reputation

This is all just happening inside your head. None of it is real.

newbie reps, and those from the coffee house, dont count toward your totals

newbie reps, and those from the coffee house, dont count toward your totals

But they make you feel warm and fuzzy.

i hate sngs with cheap music in it & cheap singer singing it

I hate songs with no originality and lots of repetition. Ever see the guest acts on American Idol? If it wasn't for the background dancers, fireworks, smoke/fog, background videos, etc (most of which give me a headache) who would listen to that crap. Sure, there are a few talented singers/composers/performers out there but most of the acts today are manufactured. The performers are manufactured and the hype is manufactured. We live in an age where branding is more important than talent or ability. Fortunately we still have some talent and originality out there. OK Go, van Canto, etc.

And don't get me started on Rap.

^ Granpa Jim

What gets me mad is those lame vocaleses that most R&B singers always feel the need to do. You know, when the singer takes one syllable, stretches it out forever and makes a whole "melody" out of going between high and low pitch while on that same syllable. Christina Agulera is a pretty extreme example of singers doing that kind of thing. I hate that stuff, it's the best way to screw up a good song just to show that you have a "great voice". Being a good singer is not about having the greatest voice, look at Leonard Cohen, Marylin Manson, and others, it's about conveying emotions (which may or may not require a powerful / accurate voice), and about striking the right cords (not all the cords, in a chaotic vichyssoise of high and low pitch vocals). That's what grinds my gears ;)

I call that yodeling or vocal gymnastics. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should. Then there's that thing Clay Aikins would do. Best I can describe it is "revving". Most of the time, simpler is better. Like Josh Groban. Simple, pure and beautiful.

I really struggle with Rap music... Poetry is best read personally, a song is best sung, in tune... Mr. Angry shouting unintelligible rhyming sentences to music is so wrong from every angle.

Then there are tunes that get stuck in your head like a fishbone stuck in your throat... you don't want it there but you can do nothing to get rid of it... take for example this guy who appeared on the UK X-Factor... then again, don't watch this if you don't want a tune seared into every one of brain cells...

"Where's ma Phone?"

All time worst "song"? This song actually made it into the UK Charts... I'm sorry to do this to you, but I didn't start this thread...

The Crazy Frog Song... I can't do it, I can't put a link to it here in such a nice forum. If you really are a masochist... Google is your enemy. :D

I have a rather varied taste in music...

Being brought up on R'n'B and hip hop I do have a particular liking for this. I also like the rock and roll tracks and modern indie UK bands.

I also have a particularly unusual liking for the sickly romantic jives, no idea why?

And there was a phase where I listened to classical music a lot, it helps to relax. I used to play the piano/keyboard as kid, was never really any good at it, but I guess this is where my classical liking might have come from?

"Angie" by The Stones or "Babe, What Would You Say" by "Hurricane" Jim Smith.