I have a bunch of songs that I downloaded and burned to cd-r disks, and they play fine in the normal cd player, but there is one problem. After one track is finished, it repeats, instead of skipping to the second track, and the only way to get to the next track on the cd-r is to press the forward button. I use real player to store the songs and burn them to the cds. Am I doing anything wrong with burning the cds, or is it normal. Thanks for your help.

Try nero. I've used it for a while now and my parents use it and we've never made any "coasters" before. You should just be able to burn an audio disk with nero - we can with the version we have.

problem solved, it wasn't because of real player, i accidentally hit the repeat track button on the cd player, therefore repeating the same track over and over. thanks for trying to help, and the problem is solved!!