I have a ¨Server not found¨ problem that has me completely stumped, so I need help!

For the past three weeks or so my DSL connection has been disconnecting and then re-connecting itself. Last week it finally disconnected and did not re-connect. This kind of got the ISP´s attention. They sent three men to locate the problem. I am not sure they know what caused the problem, but they got the DSL running again. In fact it is now running better that it has in the last three years.

However, once the DSL was running I got a problem on one of my computers. When I try to connect to the Internet I get the message ¨Server not found. Firefox can´t find the server at www.google.com.ph¨.

All my computers are on a wired LAN (Linksys EF3124 24 Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch) that connects to the DSL modem. I have computers running Windows XP SP-2 Professional and others that run Linux Debian Etch or Ubuntu 7.10. None of the other computers have a problem connecting to the Internet.

The computer with the problem is a Windows XP box. Before the DLS service went down this machine did not have a problem connecting to the Internet.. The strange thing about this problem is that the computer works on the LAN without a problem, but will not connect to the Internet.

So far I have tried the following (not necessarily in this order) without success:

  1. Connected the computer directly to the modem;
  2. Disconnected the firewall;
  3. Scanned for viruses and malware;
  4. Checked/replaced ethernet cable;
  5. Checked and re-checked the settings, all of the windows computers use the same settings and this computer has the correct settings;
  6. Disabled the network connectio and re-enabled it;
  7. Uninstalled the ethernet driver and reinstalled it;
  8. Flushed the filename.txt file;
  9. Flushed the DSL settings;

Pinging a site name returns a message ¨cannot find host¨.

Pinging an IP address returns a message ¨Destination host unreachable¨.

Doing ipconfig /all returns the correct data.

Short of re-installing everything where do I go from here? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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contact your ISP

Unless I am missing something here the problem cannot be ISP related: all of the other computers on the LAN still connect to the internet through the ISP provided modem and settings.

If I am missing something please explain.


try to put the ISP's DNS server addresses in the XP machine manually

Give this a shot from the command prompt.

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ip reset [log_file_name]

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