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Well im on campus and im a IT student worker. Unfortunately the staff here has not been able to come up with a solution about the Internet explorer 7 freezing problem. It happens to all the computers on campus at certain times. The symtoms include just freezing and not being able to click in the web address bar or scroll or click any controls to get the website working again. It happens on anywebsite, not just one. Don't matter what your doing if you pause for a couple of seconds, it freezes but it only freezes if you pause. if your constantly clicking or moving from page to page, your ok. It doesn't do this everytime but just at certain times and to certain computers. We have narrowed a couple of solutions, one is we just hit the ALT key and it highlights the webaddress bar. then everythings back to normal. But i was just wondering if anyone else has come accross this and if you might know what might be causing this malfunction. Please let me known of any imformation that you may come accross, anything helps because mose students on campus are frustrated and computer iliterate, so they just panic when it freezes so we have to tell them our quick fix solution. Anything Helps! thanks all!

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I think its new feature in browser technology developed by "Microsoft". :)
try to use Mozilla or Opera.

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