I run a 2way communications shop and need to replace a few old laptops (win98). I'm going with either XP or Vista as obviously as newer products come out they will be based on that platform

The problem is while newer software is all Windows based, I have several old programs that use only DOS. I use them to program older radios via the serial port and assume it's all rs-232 protocol.

What I need is a way to use those programs on an XP laptop. Not a techie at all..I just had this handed to me and have no idea how to proceed. Have calls into the radio manufacturers but no response so far.

Just wondering if there's some type of DOS emulation that'll run in XP or am I hoping for too much

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Isn't there something like "DOS-BOX" or something?

I'm pretty sure DOS programs will run in Windows XP fine, but Vista has trouble with fullscreen stuff.


Vista is garbage,try and find a DOS EMU program for XP and you should be OK......

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