I am new to this community and I hope it is a good one. I have been thinking of starting some serious programming and that is the reason for me joining this community. I would like to learn as many programming languages as I can since I like programming and I will go to a university regarding information technology. I would like to ask you, experienced programmers, what would you recommend as my starting languages? I know a bit about pascal so should I continue with that and then move on to Delphi? Or should I go with Python and then move on to Java and C++ later on?

I do not have any particular purpose to program at the moment, I just want to learn the basic languages that have a lot of similarities with other programming languages.

So if you could possibly, give me a list and a few comments on what I should start learning and possibly a few good tutorials(I know how to find these, but I never seem to get my hands on the BEST one) it would be great.

Look forward to hear from you,


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