Hi my name is Tim. I have been a machinist for about 16 years and decided that a career change was in order. I am currently enrolled in a Community college in the networking field. I will graduate this Friday with an A.A.S. in Network Administration. I am also planning to go to DeVry in the fall to get my bachelor's in Network and Communication Management. I am looking forward to participating in this forum to see if I can gain some insight from people who are in the field. Tips on getting a job with no experience and what kind of things to look out for when I do get a job.

My hobbies include Jeeps, horses, and most of all Computer's
Here is a site that I have for my Jeep hobby.

Thanks Tim

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Thanks everyone.

There sure is a lot of interesting reading on this site.


i wont give you an official warning, as you arent profiting from it, but try not to plug your own site in future ;)

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