Im a lil bit confused

In my Unirvesity, IT is devided up to 3 streams, which are Software Development(Programming), Business Application(Analysing Business problems and implement business solution, can call it as a bridge between business and Technology, coz what u merely do is identifying and analysing the business problem and know which IT tool is suitable for the business) and lastly we have Communication Networks(Setting up Networks, security and so forth)

I love programming but its tougher for me, I ran to Business Application and when I was this close to finish it I felt so out and I knew that I was not belonging to such group, I discussed it with my intructors and they suggest I finish it and see where it takes me, I agreed and while I was doing it I add up some Programming subjects and I had much more work to do, that was a bit tougher but I managed, not that I wanted to do those things, my passion lies in Communication Networks or Being an IT Technician, I have done A+ and CCNA1 and thats it. What scares the hell out of me is that the time is ticking, I mean if I go back to school and do Networking, Im not getting any younger, I need money, now that I have those two streams(Business Application and Programming)

I dont know that much of Networking but I know I love it, will it be smarter of me If do it in colleges or just take off the 3 years and do it as a Degree, just need some advise

Thanx in advance