Hi everybody,
Need some advice from u guys regarding the best networking envr for small biz. I need to setup networking for a computer shop .. We got 2 shop separately and one office also separately. So i need to setup ntwork such that, both two outlet can access local network from the office.

What type of server u think is most suitable for this kind of envr? And what type of remote software shud I use to enable the remote user to access to the data from the server? The user could be around 10 ppls. Please advice. Thanks.

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If you just need remote access capabilities setup a router with VPN capabilities at the home office, and install the client software on the pc's at the remote offices. You don't really need a server.

I'm a little unclear on exactly what you're asking, but you shouldn't need any kind of server (unless you already have a server at the office that you could add a task to) Just use a good routers with VPN functionality at all three locations and you can connect them into one virtual network (look into dd-wrt, it's a third-party linux based firmware you can install on many residential routers to give them commercial grade features such as VPN)

You can also install a VPN program (I've used logmein Hamachi in the past, but I'm sure there's a better alternative) to connect them. You'd have to install a small program on each computer, provide it with the information for the other systems you want it to network to, and it will create a virtual network over the internet allowing you to share network resources whether the computers are locally attached or not.

If this isn't what you were looking for please try to explain what you want in more detail, and describe the current network configuration.

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