Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an older Dell Latitude, that I have been using for various secondary purposes such as storing pictures and music. The laptop crashed on me and I can't seem to get it back up. The OS is crashing while trying to reboot. I only have a couple of chances a day with this, because if I try recovery more than once or twice a day, the computer crashes even before the Dell screen appears. I have tried to run dignostics (F12) and the computer freezes half way thorugh the diagnostic process. This thing is dead in the water.

The first time I booted the computer after it crashed, I thought maybe the hard disk was full and I tried to get to the add/remove programs menu to remove older/less used apps. That's the futherest I got. The computer froze on me and the rest is history. I can't even seem to get this to the login screen anymore.

Any suggestions?

I would be ever so greatful as I have important documents on this computer that I need to get off, in the event this thing's lilfe has come to an untimely end. Please let me know your thoughts.


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hiya, does it freeze? auto shutdown? complete power loss? Hard activity? Beeps? tried booting into safemode?

Thanks for the reply. I have tried to reboot in safe mode, but the computer freezes. On repeated attempts to reboot, the computer does not even get to the Dell screen. It seems to be trying to power up, but then shuts down immediately. The computer does not have a power loss. The computer boots with just the battery as well as with an electric source.

There are no beeps.

I know this makes no sense, but if I leave the computer for a couplee of days, it's almost as if it looses memory of me trying to boot it and will get past the Dell screen where I can attempt recovery/diagnostics/starting up in safe mode etc. It will then freeze in whichever mode it is in. So I have to power off.

Repeated attempts immediately after that will last for 5-6 seconds each after I hit the power button. The computer tries to start up, the power lights blink etc., but them dies with the screen still blank.

Had this been a desktop, I would have tried many different things. However, since it is a laptop, I am stumpped.

Please help.

No that doesn't sound silly, I would say it sounds like a Hard drive problem. I take it its not over heating in any way? Have you ever had problems running disk defrag?

Does sound like an over heating issue if you can't get past the Dell logo. But then if you let it sit you can and then it freezes and shutdowns.

had the same problem, it was over heating(the fan was packed with crap), took it apart first time for everything, cleaned it out. Booted a couple of times but I think the chip overheated and fried

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